Renewable Energy Micro Utility (REMU) with new Smart Meter

Our REMU technology is able to create 24/7 utility grade electricity supply at any place and without existing grid connection. It comprises renewable electricity generation, electricity storage and an electricity distrubution system including smart meters. If the location has mobile connection, the system can be run and controlled from any point through the Internet.

All the smartness of our system is put into our software and not into the meters. That is how Golden Grid Solutions International (GGSI) smart meters are run via the Internet from one central point. That advantage differentiates GGSI´s smart metering system from any other. The meters can easily be updated to whatever future development might be required, just with one software update. This new paradigm is paramount for developing countries. Future technology developments can easily be implemented as the power sector in these countries improves.

GGSI is leading in low prices worldwide based on a lean and efficient meter design combined with a disruptive software system. With that system, utilities can be more flexible and innovative, which includes major cost advantages and new and unexpected revenue streams in the future. Maintenance of software in common smart meters is simply a pain point. It is much more convenient and cheaper to maintain and improve smart meter intelligence via one simple software update.

GGSI´s smart meter system includes digital payment methods, for example via simple text message (SMS). SMS messaging is available to most of the electricity users in developing countries. As technology development increases during the next 10 or 20 years, GGSI´s system adapts to that change at any time. The new GGSI smart meter system prevents the utility from missing out and expelling itself from the advantages future developments have to offer. With our new smart meter system, the sky is the limit – technologically speaking.

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Updated on October 19, 2017